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Today’s top ten list.

The complete list of castles from Romania, sorted by regions and towns. Douglas Whitehead’s bicycle trip through Romania leads him to Roma, Decebal, and “irascible” station masters. Foreign Minister Christian Diaconescu announced on Saturday that Romanian troops stationed in Iraq are “stretched to their limits”. Piotr Kurek live at the Underground Festival. The Social Democrats in the Opposition asked that the Romanian government resign due to poor economic performance. Boy, this election promises to be a soap opera. Is wind energy the “way to Romanian energy independence”? Interested investors certainly think so. Danny Sipos shares his interesting opinion and forecast on the Romanian presidential election horizon. A recent video of a UFO sighting in Romania raises questions about the end of the Cold War, weeping icons, miracles, and secret military installations– all signs of healthy democratic debate. A Ugandan newspaper reports that Moldovans “want their country off the map”. The Masons are preparing for their 2009 reunion in Romania. Should be an interesting cast of characters.
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