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Ydetector (one click)

How you can know if someone is invisible on mess? Click one of the links here, write the id of the person you looking for, and that's all. You will no need to install anything. Just one click: [third party sites]


  • Vezi cine sta pe invizibil

  • Nhập nick Yahoo và click vào biểu tượng kính lúp

EN: What is is a website for Yahoo! Messenger status checking. With you can now bypass Yahoo! Messenger's Invisible Settings with ease. It's quick and intuitive interface, offers you the ability to see if your friend is truly online or if they are invisible.

RO: Ce este este un website cu care verifici statusuri pe Yahoo! Messenger. Cu poti sa treci cu usurinta peste setarile de invizibil de la Yahoo! Messenger, poti sa vezi daca prietenii tai sunt cu adevarat offline sau doar se ascund de tine si stau pe invizibil.


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